Beverly Hills, That's Where I Want To Be

Although I’ve already returned to a snowy New York and am currently writing this blog post from the refuge of my apartment, I spent last week in the Los Angeles sun. The trip was my first trip to LA and my first trip since starting “The Whittle Things.”

Wearing Coach  T-shirt , A.P.C.  trousers , Nike Air Force  sneakers , Warby Parker  glasses

Wearing Coach T-shirt, A.P.C. trousers, Nike Air Force sneakers, Warby Parker glasses

I caught an early morning flight on Wednesday, which passed quickly as I took the time to catch up on movies. After landing, however, I immediately found myself on the “four oh five” amidst LA’s infamous traffic. Finally, after an hour of windows-down driving and my Uber driver solely communicating to point out a distant Hollywood sign, I made it to my hotel—the Carlyle Inn.

Wearing Uniqlo  T-shirt , Zara  trousers , ASOS  belt and belt accessory , Le Specs  sunglasses

Wearing Uniqlo T-shirt, Zara trousers, ASOS belt and belt accessory, Le Specs sunglasses

Located in Beverly Hills, the boutique hotel encloses a quaint outdoor area inconspicuous from the street and perfect down to the details. The hotel’s façade and umbrellas boast bold black-and-white stripes, the floor is covered in geometric grayscale tile, and the walls are lined with touches of thriving plant life. A king bed, continental breakfast and a cheery hotel staff offered a luxurious retreat from New York routine. While I love living in New York, my stay at the Carlyle Inn allowed me to recharge and come back to the city with an overdose of Vitamin D—complete with a fresh sunburn.


Bundled up in my apartment safe from the wintry mix, I’m reminiscing my trip, and I wanted to share an update with all of you. Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from the trip!


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