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December marks the start of the holiday season and simultaneously the struggle to find gifts for friends and family. Gifting in New York can prove even more challenging, as presents often take up valuable apartment space. This holiday season, Le Labo is my gifting go-to for practical luxuries that will please everyone. I’ve included a list of my favorites—all under $100!

Finding the perfect perfume scent for someone is not a task for the faint-of-heart. The Discovery Set comes with 15 different samples of Le Labo's fine fragrances, which allow the recipient the freedom to discover their favorite scent on their own. All of Le Labo's fragrances are admirably soulful and pleasant, however, the classic collection includes three of my personal favorites—Santal, Vetiver and Rose. You can purchase the whole collection for $80, and even add a touch of personalization here.


The cold winter weather tends to dry out my skin, so it's important to have a good moisturizer quite literally on-hand. The Hand Pomade—a combination of shea butter, peony root and sweet almond—is the perfect non-greasy solution to dry skin. It comes in a 1.8 fl oz container, which makes it useful while traveling. The pomade's woodsy hinoki scent is comforting and warm and is available here for $25.

In addition to my skin, my hair also becomes quite brittle in the winter. Thankfully, the Scrub Shampoo's ingredients work to nourish and strengthen hair. Made with sea salt, olive oil and avocado oil, the cool scrub has a refreshing basil sent and is only $35. 


To complement the Scrub Shampoo, I also recommend the traditional Shampoo and Conditioner from Le Labo's Body - Hair - Face collection. Both products contain the same ethereal hinoki scent as the Hand Pomade from the last photo. The stimulating Shampoo is made with macadamia, rosemary leaf and rice extract while the smoothing conditioner is made with avocado, coconut oil and abyssinica seed. Both products retail for $27 each. 

Aim to please with your gifting this year, and give Le Labo! Feel free to let me know in the comments below which of these products are your favorites or that you'd hope to find under the tree!

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