Layering With Frank And Oak

If you know me, you know I’m a morning person, and one of my favorite parts of my morning routine is curating the perfect outfit for the day. However, finding a look that’s comfortable, warm and fashionable is often frustrating and requires multiple trials in front of the mirror before settling on a finished product. I’ve teamed up with Frank And Oak to show that although not easy, it is possible to find a fresh look to beat this frigid New York winter.

Frank And Oak is an energetic and proudly Canadian brand that crafts premium pieces essential to living the good life. Here, I am wearing their flecked multi-color yarn sweater in grey. Recently, I have become an advocate for the turtleneck-and-sweater combination, and this sweater is perfect for the pairing. It’s warm without being bulky, so it doesn’t bunch beneath a coat—making the sweater a layering must-have.

Make sure to get this piece while it’s on sale and supplies last! Then, post your own picture with the hashtag #MadeForGoodLiving to show what living the good life means to you.

Austin Whittle2 Comments