Merry Whittle Christmas

Cue the holiday parties; I’m headed home for the next few days to celebrate with family. As I leave New York, I’m swapping out the usual dark, monochrome outfit for a softer, more festive look.

Final COS =.jpg

Although it's often associated with Steve Jobs, the turtleneck is one of my favorite wintertime garments. This powder blue, merino wool mock neck sweater from COS is an essential layer for staying warm. As someone obsessed with details beyond just the aesthetic, I fell in love with this jumper for its perfect softness.

Jack Mason.jpg

Long sleeves during winter often hide outfit accessories like jewelry or watches. In order to have a watch that isn’t overlooked, I wear my watch on top of my jumper’s sleeve. To complement the soft colors of my outfit, I am wearing a tan leather watch from Jack Mason, a Dallas-based company I grew to love while at SMU.

COS Final Edit 2.jpg

Whether on blazers or trousers, glen plaid patterns are already one of the most established statements of this winter. Although you’re just now seeing the pattern take over your social media timelines, the look began with the Prince of Wales in the early 19th century. I adopted the royal look myself, wearing a pair of checked trousers that include a red-orange cross-section for a warm pop of color. These trousers make a statement as bold as their pattern with rolled-up hems and deep pleats, which create a sophisticated structure.

What looks will you be wearing as you head home for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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