The City That Never Sleeps

Aptly named "The City That Never Sleeps," New York City is wired and well-caffeinated. If you're going to neglect your savings to support a coffee addiction, you should invest in the best. I've put together a list of my favorite coffee shops that combine coffee mastery with inspiring interiors.

1. Happy Bones - 394 Broome Street, Soho

Although this cozy spot only has three tables that are almost always occupied, Happy Bones is at the top of my list for having one of the best lattes. I often stop for a latte to-go on my way to workjust a few streets away from the industrial café. I've incorporated a Happy Bones pit stop into my morning commute so much that I rely on one of their loyalty cards, which is good for a free coffee after eight visits. 

Happy Bones

2. Nickel & Diner - 1 Howard Street, Chinatown

With geometric table tops, vinyl booths and tile floors, this mid-century interior is perfectly detailed. Located in an inconspicuous China Town building, the joint café and restaurant offer a nostalgic escape from the Canal Street chaos. Although this place is on my list of best coffee shops, Nickel & Diner is good for much more than the drip coffee. I often bring out-of-town guests to this spot to enjoy the decadent breakfast menu. For a savory brunch, I am partial to the Kale Cashew Bowl complete with a poached egg, but for a sweet treat, I prefer the orange-zested Buttermilk Pancakes. 


3. Little Canal - 26 Canal Street, Lower East Side

Coffee shops are often considered sacred spaces for meeting people. However, in New York, they're often cramped and overcrowded. Little Canal, on the other hand, is an exception. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the space is airy and inviting with occasional customers at tables. As someone who works remotely part-time, I'm always looking for places I can be productive outside of my apartment, and Little Canal's quirky baristas, upbeat indie music and thriving monstera make for a quaint backdrop.

Little Canal
Little Canal PlantJPG

4. Butler Bakeshop - 95 S 5th Street, Williamsburg

Butler Bakeshop

Because I live and work in Manhattan, my trips to Brooklyn are pretty infrequent. However, no venture over the bridge is complete without paying a visit to Butler Bakeshop. Served in well-crafted ceramic mugs, the lattes are frothed to perfection and pair nicely with the café's farethe signature work of Michelin-starred pastry chef Ryan Butler. Slouching in the deep leather cushions and sipping coffee from behind a round brass table, it's easy to lose track of the city's hustle in this homey café. 

What are your favorite coffee shops in the city? Let me know in the comments below, as I love to explore new places.

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