Totally Tonal

While most of the country is already pulling out their groundbreaking florals and billowy shirts, the dreaded snowflake icon continues to haunt the New York weather forecast. Luckily for me, winter is my favorite season in fashion. I prefer dark colors and coats to pastels and shorts (fun fact: I don't own a single pair of shorts). So although it's early April, I'm sneaking in the last of my wintery looks. 

A theme you may have noticed from following my style previously is that I love tonal sets. I often pick a color and then layer it. Here, I am showing off a full military green outfit. 

Tonal Outfit.jpg

I recently bought the jumper and pants at COS. Cargo pants were a trend that I thought lived and died in the early 2000's, but leave it to the Scandinavians and COS to successfully recreate the pocketed pant with a sleek approach. I incorporated the pared down utilitarian trousers to complete my military-inspired, tonal aesthetic.

Tonal Outfit.jpg

My Burberry trench is actually one of my greatest treasures. I found the coat in an Upper East Side consignment store, and it reminds me a lot of this year's capsule collection, which revives the British brand's heritage and quintessential check pattern. With an unmatched silhouette and movement, this is a layer I'm not quite ready to shed. 

Burberry Trench.jpg

The final details of an outfit are in the accessories. I would say that with the exception of streetstyle, accessories are practically absent from men's fashion. With streetstyle gaining recognition among high-end fashion houses (just look at Louis Vuitton, who recently appointed streetstyle god Virgil Abloh as their new creative director) heads are turning to the long-neglected details. I think accessories—whether it's a necklace, a wallet chain or an unusual belt detail—are a good way to elevate and polish off a look.

Outfit Details.jpg

Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!